Completing my Bucket List

People Who Inspire Me

Over the last few years whilst searching for bucket list activities, I’ve read about some amazing people. These people have stood out for me for their dedication to something.

If you have anyone who inspires or amazes you, please feel free to share with me ūüôā

Danny Dover РLife Listed

In 2010 Danny wrote a life list of over 150 items. ¬†He set a deadline of May 25th 2017. ¬†By the looks of it he only has two to go! ¬†I’ve been following his adventures over the years and have seen some amazing things. ¬†Most recently his month in the wilderness. ¬†To keep up to date with Danny visit

Annabel de Vetten –¬†Conjurer‚Äôs Kitchen

Cakes so scary and life like you’ll be confused to eat them! ¬†Annabel de Vetten makes white chocolate skulls, skinned animal and other crazy cakes that mostly belong in horror films. Which of course totally appeals to me! ¬†Seeing someone who can turn their interests (no matter what they are), and turn them into a career, helps me believe there’s a chance in the future for me too.

Check out the cake made for the TV show “Dexter”.


Charlie Short РPink Stylist 

Charlie is a successful makeup artist who shows tutorials over on his Youtube channel here. ¬†His videos are amazing and his explanations are perfect, even for a beginner like myself. ¬†It was one of these videos I got my “Lorne from Angel” look from. ¬†Occasionally Charlie will pop on Omegle to give people a good scare!


Annette White РBucket List Journey 

Restaurant owner, author, award winning blogger Рthese are just a few of the amazing things Annette does.  Her blog shares hundreds of different bucket list ideas you can take inspiration from.  With over 100,000 monthly readers, Annette is an inspiration to me starting out as a blogger.  She has also just finished writing her first book which you can pre-order here.


Clear Focus Movies

A little closer to home this time. ¬†A local video production company who currently have three feature horror films to their name. ¬†Most recently “Ghosts of Darkness”,¬†which I was lucky enough to be at the Aberdeen premier of last week. ¬†As a film school drop out I love seeing people I know follow their dreams and make the effort to do something they are passionate about. ¬†Ghosts of Darkness will be available to buy on DVD early next year.

Everyone behind Cowlarp 

OK I’ve not even been yet, but imagining a real life wizard school, then bringing it to life, gets a super high five from me. ¬†Cowlarp (which I’m going to be mentioning a lot until I go in March) stands for College of Wizardry Live Action Role Play. ¬†I love that someone actually started this so people like myself can go and have the time of their lives.


Misha Collins with Gishwhes

Gishwhes stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Misha Collins (or Cas from Supernatural as some of you may know him) hosts the yearly event with some crazy scavenger items, which this year had me dressed up as an alien in a prison.  The event promotes happiness, random acts of kindness and has helped raise money for many charities. Image result for gishwhes


I’m sure in the future I’ll be adding more people to this list. ¬†Who inspires you?





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