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Balancing Life

Balancing a full time job, my blog, a husband, home, travels, learning and extra curricular “activities” is not easy, and sometimes I can find areas slipping.  I’ve been trying to work on a few things to improve balancing my life. 

balancing life blogger

  • At least one date out of the house with David a week.  Usually the cinema or dinner.
  • Pre-cooking meals on a Sunday for the week ahead to save time in the evenings.
  • The only time I watch TV now is in the background when I’m writing.  I rarely have just “TV time” nowadays.
  • I’ll read 30 minutes every night before bed, which helps me relax and learn.
  • I get in from work an hour before David, I’ll either use this time to do some cleaning, or I’ll go visit my parents for a cuppa tea.
  • No over time at work.  I used to do a lot of unpaid overtime and it wasn’t helping with depression.  Now I make sure my work/life balance is very balanced.
  • I’ll use the weekend to try learn something.  At the moment I’m doing a photoshop course online.
  • I write down my weekly plans in a journal.  It helps me focus on what’s important, what must be done, and what can wait.
  • Scheduling blog posts – From this Thursday I will be out every day from early morning til late at night, which will leave no time for blogging until November.  I’ve scheduled some posts for during that time.

Sometimes I feel I’m pushing my limits a little bit too far, but I’m not going to get anywhere in life without putting the effort in.

Next week starts the busiest week of my year with all the Halloween festivities.  This year with a week scaring at the local escape rooms, then my usual Halloween Haunted house – Tiring, but so worth it!

Do you have any tips for managing a busy schedule?






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