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Bucket List Christmas Experience Days

Well it’s nearly November, and that means it’s acceptable to start getting excited about Christmas, and start thinking about doing your Christmas shopping.  If you’re stuck for ideas for the bucket lister in your life, how about an experience day?  I’ve hand picked the below seven experiences that I think would be perfect for someone who loves adventure.  All available at buyagift_com

Gliding Discovery Flight

Gliding is like no other form of air travel. Soaring high above the clouds reaching heights of up to 2000ft you’ll feel like a bird, with nothing but the sound of the wind rushing past the cockpit. Although most definitely a thrill ride, it is probably the most tranquil thrill ride you’ll ever experience. On arrival at one of the nine locations available across the country, you will meet your fully qualified instructor who will run through a short safety briefing before getting you accustomed to the controls of the glider. Then it’s time for takeoff as you are hauled into the air by a powerful plane before you are detached to fly along solo. You will even have the chance to take controls yourself, should you wish. Your flight will last from between 15-30 minutes depending on the weather, as safety is of most importance.


Champagne Balloon Flight For 2

An elegant and tranquil flight in a magical hot air balloon truly is the most majestic way to travel. Reaching an average height of 2000ft, you’ll drift peacefully over the most beautiful of British countryside, taking off from a choice of 33 locations across the UK. What’s more; luxury travel would not be luxury travel without a lovely chilled glass of Champagne to help you enjoy your flight even more. Your experience begins at dawn, when you get fully immersed in the experience and help prepare the balloon for flight along with the rest of the group. The experienced crew will take you up into the air for a full hour. You should definitely not forget your camera, as you won’t want to forget one minute of this.


Ice Climbing Excursion for 2

Climbing can be pretty tricky, but this adventure takes it to another level, how about if what you are trying to climb is completely vertical and made of ice? You’ll be met by a fully trained instructor who will give you a full safety briefing and explain the different climbing techniques you will need in order to meet the challenge that the ice wall offers. With the full gear all provided, crampons, helmets, axes etc you head to the purpose built climbing facility where 100 tonnes of snow has been compacted to form a 300 square metre course with different grades of climb from novice to advanced. You will be given expert one to one tuition for your climb enabling this experience to be suitable for anyone regardless of their previous climbing experience. With a minimum of 40 minutes in the ice tower you will have plenty of time to get to grips with the canyons, crevices and overhangs that are on offer. Now, how cool is that?


The Asylum Horror Experience 

Do you have the courage to survive a night at The Asylum? A bio-chemical company has been secretly experimenting on inmates at The Asylum, and the infected test subjects have managed to take over the facility – do you have what it takes to regain control? This exhilarating and terrifying horror experience will see you battling fearsome characters and facing your worst nightmares as you work your way through dark corridors and attempt to restrain these crazed monsters. A truly extreme and completely original adrenaline-pumping experience!


Tandem Skydive

Whether you’ve already taken the plunge or you thought you’d never get the chance to, a tandem skydive is something everyone should experience! You don’t have to be a hardcore adrenaline junkie to appreciate the thrill of flying towards the earth from 7000ft, taking in incredible views and letting your whole body relax as you get used to the tummy-tingling sensation! You’ll fly at up to 120 miles per hour strapped safely to an experienced and qualified instructor who will take care of everything for you including deploying the parachute and landing you safely on solid ground.


Supercar Thrill

Take this chance to put the pedal to the metal in four legendary supercars with this fantastic driving experience, available at several convenient UK circuits. From a stylish Lamborghini and a fierce Ferrari to a sublime Porsche and a nippy Nissan GTR, you’ll have the opportunity to take your pick from a sensational range of phenomenal supercars. American muscle car enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either; there’s a truly awe-inspiring selection of classic American beauties to choose from, too. Following an introduction and safety briefing, you’ll enjoy six miles in each of your chosen vehicles. With an abundance of horsepower in your hands, you’ll be able to really show off your driving skills as you experience what these magnificent machines can do. What’s more, you’ll get to ride shotgun with a seasoned professional during a heart-thumping high speed lap!


Off Road Driving Experience

A test of your skills as a driver, as well as the capabilities of a modern 4×4, the Off Road Driving Experience is unmissable. All manner of natural and man-made hazards must be overcome on these challenging courses – you’ll splash through water and mud, over ruts and up and down steep slopes. With expert instructors on-hand to impart crucial know-how, your skills and confidence will soon improve as you handle these impressive machines.  Prepare to be amazed at what a 4×4 can do.


I am booked in for the off road driving experience later this month, so keep an eye out for an update on this experience. is the leading provider of gift experiences and activity days in the UK, and with over 4,000 gifts to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift! provide once in a lifetime experiences with something for everyone, including adrenaline fuelled activities such as the chance to drive a supercar at a top racetrack, flying and sky diving, to more relaxing experiences such as spa days, hotel breaks and gourmet meals.

If you’re stuck for ideas and tired of buying the same presents every year, why not treat your friends and family to something a little different this year with an experience they’ll never forget, something that is bound to create special memories for years to come.




**I received the off road experience in exchange for this post, but as always all views are my own**

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