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Happy Halloween – 2016

Happy Halloween!

Well it’s pretty obvious Halloween is my favourite celebration of year.  Each year I try go bigger and better with my Halloween adventures and this year has certainly topped the rest.

Celebrations started with the Aberdeen bloggers Halloween event at Bos’n.  Horror themed drinks and snacks, costumes and great company.

Costume number 1 – Vampire.


Then a last minute trip to Arbroath for the Limelight Zombie Run.  Here the three of us were “guarding” the water tower with glow in the dark paint on our hands.  The aim was to “infect” the runners.  I racked up an amazing 9.5km that evening.  You wouldn’t get me running for fun normally.


Then 4 nights spent at the Breakout Games Escape Rooms in Aberdeen.  Here myself and a few other “scarers” were challenged with scaring people as they entered/left the rooms.  Here I finally made someone cry with fear – so proud of myself.  Turns out people don’t like clowns!



Finally Haddo House Horror.  This was my third year, and David decided to join for one of the nights for the first time.  It was a successful night last night and I’m excited for tonight.   It’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to a night off tomorrow. img-20161031-wa0008 img-20161031-wa0002


How have you spent your Halloween?


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