Completing my Bucket List

What a HOOT with Monster Slippers

For wandering about the secret passageways at College of Wizardry at Zcocha Castle in Poland, every wizard needs slippers!  Now no normal slippers would live up to a wizards standards so instead I’ve gone for a wonderful pair of Owl Monster Slippers from


Super comfy and cosy, these owls will keep me company when sneaking out of my room at night to cause mischief, or even save the castle grounds from monsters.


Maybe I should name them?


Monster Slippers don’t just have these owls, there you will find so many more animals, or even some “monsters”.

monster slippers

Keep an eye out for what adventures I get up to in my monster slippers next March.  Photos and stories to follow 🙂




















*I was provided a pair of monster slippers, but all views and opinions are my own*

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