Completing my Bucket List

Personal Planner for your Bucket List Goals

With the busy lifestyle I have, I need somewhere to keep my plans/dates in place.  A personal planner made sense as I could carry it about with me, and update my schedule on the move.

img_2048 offer the most personalised planner you can get.  You can pick your front cover, ruler colour, page layout and which month you want to start at (I chose November as I’m too impatient to wait til January).


But some of the most exciting extras are the back pages.  I love colouring books, so adding them into a personal planner is a great idea.  This will be perfect for flights or long journeys.


Maps are another option.  You could use these to cross off your travel journeys or mark out where you want to go on your bucket list adventures.


The bottom of each page of your planner can be changed however you like too.  Including quirky additions like “This weeks dinner”.

img_2057 offer the planners in many different sizes to suit your needs or also available in a wall planner.  They also provide worldwide shipping so there is no reason you won’t find something absolutely perfect for you.

I’ll be using mine to schedule next years bucket list adventures and goals.  What would you use a personal planner for?














**I was provided this planner, but all views are my own**

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