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Magic Journals from The Pen Company

Your standard writing notebooks aren’t going to be suitable for College of Wizardry.  You need something “Magical”.

With classes like Ritual Magic, Magical Defence, Necromancy and Demonology you need something that fits in with your studying needs.

The Pen Company offer the perfect books to suit your wizarding needs.  “Paperblanks” Journals.

All Paperblanks journals are bound using two methods. Either hand stitched, using ‘Coptic’ binding which has its origins in 4th century Egypt, or Smythe sewn, the most durable of binding techniques, allowing the journal to open flat without the loss of pages.

All Paperblanks journals use fine laid writing paper which is acid free, of archival quality and, with a high opacity. Their journals also feature a ribbon page marker and a memento pouch on the inside back cover.


Old Leather Foiled 

Capturing the flavour of Renaissance-style binding at its zenith, these handsomely embellished journals are a delight for the hand and the eye. During this remarkable period of classical revival, manuscripts were renowned for their exquisitely crafted covers made of fine Moroccan leather, handtooled in gold with delicate foliage patterns. Brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the Far and Middle East, this style of ornamentation lent a new vibrancy and lightness of design that was not present in mediæval manuscripts.

The timeless beauty of these antique books is brought into the present with our finely wrought binding reproductions

With the magnetic cover you can keep your spells and potions well hidden from the muggles of the world.  I’m planning on using one for for classes, and one to keep a note of my memories and adventures from College of Wizardry.



The French Ornate

Europe was exposed to the soft shimmering sensuality of silk via the “Silk Road” from China. With the invention of the silk loom in 1804, artisans were able to create increasingly intricate designs. These journals are exactingly printed to recreate the luminosity and look of silks from this classic era, and this series is dedicated to the luscious fabrics of the Jacquard loom silk weaving tradition of France.

Next year I’ll post up some pictures of these in action at the college.

As well as these gorgeous Journals, The Pen Company sell a range of other items.  Obviously pens, but also briefcases, diaries and accessories.  So head over to to get your own magical journals.








*These were provided to me in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own*


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