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Glow Art Boards


I was recently sent two of these Glow Art boards to try out.  Inside the box you’ll find your Glow Art board and four different coloured pens.  Use them to create whatever drawings your mind creates, add 3 AA batteries (not included), then it’s time to turn the lights on!

The button on the back of the board will turn the lights on, then the button on the front will go through different lighting effects.  Switch through them til you find the effect that you like.


This gift is mainly aimed at Children, but don’t let that stop you.  You could use it to leave sweet notes to your other half, or even to let out some of your inner child with some fun drawings.

With Glow Art, kids can take their imagination to a whole new level. The four fluorescent markers can be used to create fantastic works of art. 36 selectable modes use multi-coloured LEDs to flash and light the board in different ways, transforming and bringing their art to life! The see-through screen means kids can trace their favourite pictures and even very young artists can learn basic drawing skills this way. Play games on the Glowart board for more fun! It’s also a great educational tool – letters, numbers and shapes can be given to trace and giving kids their maths homework on GlowArt will always have them much more eager to do it!

To buy your own head over to or for a chance to win one head on over to my Facebook page here.










**These were provided to me by Glow Art, but as always all opinions are my own**

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