Completing my Bucket List

The Crystal Duck Challenge

I was recently sent a “Rubber Duck Crystal Puzzle” from Genie Gadgets.

As part of the new crystal puzzle series, the Crystal Rubber Duck Puzzle in all its glory has arrived at Genie Gadgets.

This high quality translucent three dimensional puzzle, has 43 pieces that cleverly interlock to build the finished sculpture of an incredibly detailed yellow rubber duck!

A definite challenge for even the most gifted of puzzle enthusiasts out there.


I’ve been setting myself challenges to beat my time on doing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (down to around 9 hours now), so I was stupid when I thought 43 pieces on this would be easy.

This is my first time doing a crystal jigsaw puzzle, so when Genie Gadgets let me know their office record for putting one of these ducks together was 55 minutes, I accepted the challenge to try beat it.

Well….It’s currently 12.45am and I’ve just finished after 2 and a half hours!  I’ll be purchasing another crystal puzzle to keep trying, and one day I’ll beat that 55 minutes!


I had so much fun putting this together, and was a nice change from doing a regular, flat jigsaw puzzle, although a lot harder.


Genie Gadgets also have other crystal puzzles; The Tin Robot, The Elephant and the London Bus.

As well as these you will find many different toys, gifts and gadgets for the home and office.  You can also use the gift finder to find the perfect gift.

Genie Gadgets was founded in 2007 with the mission of scouring the world to bring unusual great gifts and gadgets to an unsuspecting public. We like to think that we do things differently by treating our customers like friends and family, that’s assuming you like your friends and family.  

Is a crystal puzzle on your bucket list?






**This was provided by Genie Gadgets but as always all opinions are my own**

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