Completing my Bucket List

Make Your Own Beer With Brewbarrel

Beer is something that I’ve been enjoying a lot more over the last few years.  One item on my bucket list is to make my own beer.

I came across Brewbarrel recently with their range of home brewing gift sets.

An interesting team of distinctive personalities guarantees the success of Brewbarrel. Our goal is to observe the brewing scene from different perspectives, using all our passion to refocus the beer experience back on society – and fun never gets a raw deal at work! Brewbarrel inspires soon-to-be master brewers every day – whether they are longing to taste their very first home-brewed beer or are already proud home brewers. A motivated team at the Brewbarrel office guarantees optimal possibilities for all home brewers. The beer varieties we offer are as multifaceted as the personalities in our team. And just as Brewbarrel always gives you a perfectly harmonized result, our team does too. With passion, fun, and constant control of our beer quality, it’s ultimately the team that makes Brewbarrel such a success.


The beer I decided to go for was the Pilsner.

A light golden color and pleasantly bitter taste makes this highly drinkable beer the most popular beer in Germany.
Pilsner is a hoppy, bottom-fermenting beer that stands out due to its pleasantly bitter flavor. As the name already suggests, Pilsner comes from the brewing style that originated in the Bohemian city of Pilsen. A characteristic feature of pilsner beers is a flowery but dry finish. The bitter taste stimulates the appetite, which is why this beer is often drunk as an aperitif.
Each kit comes with everything you need to brew your own beer in only a week.
I’ll be brewing mine in December when I’m off work and will give you an up to date blog post on how my first attempt at making beer goes.
Brewbarrel offer a large range of different beers.  Including some fun flavours like Ale with Chili and Christmas beer.
Head over to to order your own barrel, then let me know how you get on 🙂
*I was provided this kit in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own*

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