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Tillions Tiles


“Tillions” was designed by Helen Baron, who is a potter and tile maker.

Earlier this year she was making a series of tessellating three inch tiles which combined in countless ways to make new patterns. It was while playing with these that she  thought this might convert to an appealing new toy/game. She then created the designs for the magnet tillions. There are now over seventy registered designs for tillions, so more will be coming out in due course.

Your Tillions set arrives complete with a magnetic board and your Tillion Tiles, which can be stored away in the box.

img_2210The tiles can be used in any way you can imagine.  There are 35 different tiles which all match up with each other, so the possibilities are endless for your designs.


Because tillions all fit in the same way, they can easily be swapped and the change to the design can be extraordinary. In the simple nine-tile designs shown here, just changing the centre, border or corner tillion transforms the look of the panel. It is like a slow-motion kaleidoscope.

You can even use Tillions to play games.

One suggestion is “Pairs”

The players take it in turns to turn over two Tillions. If they match, that player wins the pair and plays again. If not, they turn them back, trying to remember which Tillion is where for their next turn. As each player wins pairs of Tillions, they can use them to make a pattern and whoever has the largest pattern at the end of the game is the winner.


As well as being a great gift for children, I think this would make an excellent gift for adults who need to relax.  Sitting down with a cuppa tea, and making different designs could take your mind off real life for a bit.

Do you know anyone who’d like to use these?

You can buy Tillions direct from 







**I was provided this set by Tillions, but as always all opinions are my own**

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