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Craft Beer to Your Door With Beer52


Ever fancied having beer delivered right to your door?  Well based right here in Scotland, offer exactly that service.

Beer52 didn’t become the UK’s most popular craft beer club for nothing – we got to where we are by giving beer drinkers the best damn beers on the planet. Our resident beer experts have visited breweries all around the world, in the search of the most interesting brews they can find. We deliver a carefully curated case of these craft beers from our favourite microbreweries every month.


Even the delivery box is cool!

With your monthly membership, you will be sent out 8-10 different craft beers.  As well as your beers you’ll receive a copy of Ferment magazine (the UKs number one craft beer magazine) and a delicious snack.

This month’s theme is Beer and the Arts.  Check out the awesome designs on some of these bottles.  The shark has to be my favourite!

I’ve been enjoying beer a lot more lately, and a great design on the bottle will definitely get my attention and make me want to try it.  These designs remind of the craft beers we sampled in San Francisco and Portland earlier this year, and are the first I’ve seen like it over here in Scotland.

So how does it work?

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I’m looking forward to the weekend when I can start trying all these out.  Why not sign up a family member or friend for a subscription as a Christmas gift?  Or just sign up yourself.

You can get £12 off your first order by using this link here.






**I was provided this box in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**


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