Completing my Bucket List

Growing Your Own Vegetables

One of the very first items on my bucket list was to grow vegetables.  I started off with chillis and tomatos and last year moved onto cucumbers and sweetcorn.  It’s a simple bucket list goal that I enjoyed, and you can really taste the difference in home grown fruit and veg over store bought.

I was sent this Ultimate Grown Your Own Kit from


With this gorgeous selection of tasty herbs, spices, teas, berries, flowers and vegetables you’ll have everything you need to create an amazing array of dishes, hot drinks and flower displays. This set will help you to learn new skills, find a hobby in harvesting and enjoy healthy, fresh food and drink.

This set includes:

  • The Tranquil Flower Kit
  • Juicy Berries Kit
  • Aroma Tea Kit
  • Tandoori Curry Kit
  • Zesty Herb Kit
  • Purple Daze Kit
  • The Wok On Kit
  • The Xtreme Chilli Kit

This ultimate killer combo will provide you with uniquely stunning flowers, delicious juicy berries, a spicy chilli collection, a fragrant array of teas, quirky purple veg and vegetables for delicious homemade stir frys.

This combination of beautifully presented and fully inclusive kits will make awesome gifts to friends and loved ones.

This kit comes with everything you need.

  • 40 x Biodegradable grow pots – eco-friendly pots provided to house your new fruit, herbs, flowers and tea
  • 40 x Coir blocks (compost discs) – useful thick blocks expand at home to become usable compost
  • 40 x Plant markers – keep a close eye when tending to your miniature gardens
  • Full instructions with grow tips for each kit – new gardeners need not fear as full instructions are near

This is an amazing Christmas gift for someone and a great price at £65.99.  Or perfect for yourself if you want to grow your own vegetables. 

Next year once I’ve grown everything I look forward to sharing with you everything I cook/make. I’m especially excited about making my own tea!

The link to this set is here.

Is growing vegetables on your bucket list?


**I was provided this kit in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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