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Hotel Chocolat – Christmas Treats

Hotel Chocolat is a brand that’s been in our house at Christmas since the shop opened up in Aberdeen.

The large chocolate slabs are a favourite in our home, but apart from them there is so much choice for Christmas gifts.


The Christmas Sleekster – It’s Christmas Day. The turkey has been picked clean, the last of the roast potatoes has been swiped and there aren’t even any Brussels sprouts still lingering. Clear the table and watch their eyes light up as you bring out this striking box of chocolates, stuffed full of festive and favourite flavours from caramel to cinnamon and Champagne to praline. The perfect after-dinner nibble for your family – or theirs, if you’re feeling generous with your gift list! £22.50

It doesn’t just look like a cracker, it sounds like one too: our unapologetically huge centrepiece is fitted with a snap so your Christmas can go off with a rather large bang! That, and spilling 40 chocolates and 12 paper hats and jokes across your dining table – enough for all your friends and family to look the part as they tuck in to the turkey! £36.00


Our ode to a Christmas tradition, in mellow yet deep 50% milk chocolate. Instead of twigs, we’ve loaded our wreath with pistachios and cranberries. This one is big enough for a striking centrepiece, or it makes a chunky, munchy gift for a couple or family. Just don’t add candles! £20.00


Taking a group shot isn’t easy when you’re all flippers and thumbs. Santa and the gang’s Christmas card photo, in mellow milk and creamy white chocolate, is one for the album – and at 500g, it’s one that’s big enough for all the family to try a bite of too! A fun festive gift for you and yours, or to put a smile on someone’s face. £16.00

Or if you’re feeling super flash with the cash there’s this!

Expecting visitors this Christmas? Whether you come from a big family or you’re hosting more than your nearest and dearest, our online-exclusive Ultimate Christmas Hamper will turn everyone’s head. Let them feast with abandon on our Yule Log, Christmas Sleekster Luxe, Winter Desserts Sleekster, Just One More nibbles box, small Special Reserve Tawny Port, medium Salted Caramel Vodka, large Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Chateau Chocolat Terra Do Zambujeiro red wine, Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two, The Sleigh Team – Milk, Chilli Penguins, Christmas Hot Chocolate, Spiced Apple & Cocoa Nib Chutney, Large Cookie Wreath, Clementine Baby Bombes, The Nano Slab Gallery, Toasty Toddies, Plums in Port, 10 Mini Crackers and something to keep: our book of wit and wisdom, The Meaning of Chocolate. – £300

With fun chocolates in many different shapes and flavours, Hotel Chocolat have something for all year round, not just Christmas.

I’ll be heading out to get my regular Slab for David this year, but I’ll be picking up a few of the above as well.

Will any of these be making it onto your Christmas shopping list?






**I was provided the Christmas Sleekster in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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