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A Ball of Laughter With JML

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a treat on Christmas day.  The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball by JML is one of the most exciting dog toys out there for this year.

This ingenious dog toy is designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained all day. The unique inner sound tubes make attractive ‘giggling’ noises whenever the toy is moved to engage the natural instincts that all dogs have. Also, the in-built ‘clutch pockets’ and durable construction make picking it up easy for more active play and exercise.

It’s great for all sizes of dog and doesn’t need any batteries making it the perfect all day toy.

Nala was introduced to the ball today and after a minute of uncertainty, she was off with it. Chasing it all around the living room, although she still hasn’t figured out how to pick it up.


  • Sound tubes emit ‘giggling’ noises when moved around
  • 6 clutch pockets allow for easy pick up
  • Engages your dog’s natural play instinct
  • Unique sounds, colour and motion
  • Great for all sizes of dog
  • No batteries required

This toy is perfect for all size dogs and will keep them amused for hours when you are out of the house.

Unlike some cheaper dog toys, this one doesn’t fall to bits, or burst when played with for hours.


To check out the full range of Christmas gifts from JML click here.  It’s not just pet gifts, you will also find gifts for him, for her and for kids. image001-1






**Nala was provided this ball in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own (or on this occasion hers)**

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