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Viners Entertaining Cheese Knife Gift Set


OK, I have to admit an awful thing! For massive cheese lovers, David and I have a bad habit of buying grated cheese *UH OH*.  I know, I know, it’s awful!! But all of the knifes in our house and graters just aren’t that GRATE (had to put that in there).

I was sent this Viners Cheese Knife Gift Set from NuCasa.


The gift set comes in a hardwood presentation board and knife box.  Perfect for storing, or showcasing your cheese knifes.  The stainless steel handles allow for a comfortable grip and can cut the toughest of cheeses.

In the gift set comes 4 different and specialist cheese cutting instruments, perfect for a night of entertaining.

Now I have no excuse for serving grated cheese to our guests at Christmas.


A little bit about NuCasa.

Who are NuCasa? Where did we come from? Are we here to do good or evil? Did the gods of funky home decor send us to provide the people of the UK with colourful retro kitchen accessories and super trendy industrial style lighting?

Well we like to think so… But in truth it was more about hard work, determination and a keen eye for design. Not to mention the many hours searching for what we believe to be fantastic additions to our all encompassing range of funky coloured home decor accessories. Incorporating everything from retro kitchen appliances to the most unique lighting fixtures.


So don’t be embarrassed with your cheese board this Christmas, and make sure you are prepared.  To view this, and many more products head over to











**I was provided this set in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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