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Having a blog might be a good way for me to keep my life stories up to date, but sometimes I want to keep my thoughts personal, and not share them with the world.

“My Life Story” from SUCK UK, is a 100 year Diary for your whole life.

It isn’t a day to day diary (obviously), as that would be a much larger book, but instead is divided up into seasons and years.

Here you can keep notes of your special moments, people you’ve met, places you’ve been, record your achievements, a list of things to do before you die (a bucket list), a map of the world to cross off your travels. and so much more.

There are 1080 pages in total.

The paper quality is so good, that you could easily add photographs, newspaper clippings etc to the pages without tearing/damaging the paper.  I can’t wait to start adding my own photos to my diary, and having something to look back on in one place when I’m older.

There are also pages in the book where you can write a letter to your future self.  I’d love to read a letter that I’ve written now in 10 years time, and see just how much has changed.

Instead of buying a diary every single year you have this, high quality diary for life.  So at £35 this is a great price!


As well as “My Life Story”, Suck also offer

“Our Life Story”

With so much to pack into your lives together, it’s a great idea to keep track of your hopes, dreams and achievements. Think of this as a joint diary for your whole life. Certainly more romantic than a joint bank account! A few years from now you can look back at your family holidays, shared experiences, unexpected events and big adventures, through the good times and the bad. 1080 pages, enough for a lifetime. An awesome gift for any couple about to embark on life’s big adventure together. 

“My Family Cookbook”

Archive generations of kitchen secrets and keep your favourite recipes in the family. Every family has special recipes that give us that instant feeling of nostalgia. Create your own recipe book: Write down the required ingredients and method, personalise with photos and share your secret recipes with the rest of the family. Template pages with space for over 80 recipes, an introduction with useful cooking guides, tips, tables and more.

“My Travel Journal”

Never forget those memorable moments of your life, with My Travel journal. Fill in your own checklists, recommendations and highlights. With the My Travel journal you can add photos, tick off those must see destinations and prepare for future adventures. With it’s hard cover you can be sure that it will resist even the longest trips, so you can collect a lifetime of adventures.

You can view all of these over at





**I was provided this diary in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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