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Reading was one of my favourite things as a child, and I understand how important it is to start reading from a young age.  Some teachers used to tell my mum I would read too much – how ridiculous.

Personalising a children’s book could make such a big difference to a child.  This is what offer.

At Put Me In The Story, we believe in the power and magic of books (just like you do).
We want the book you create with us to be one that you come back to again and again.
And when your child outgrows that book, we know it will be one of those
cherished books you’ll want to keep forever.

Creating a book and a gift that’s just for you.
So we develop each book individually to make each personalised story a unique and amazing experience.
You’ll see many different kinds of personalisation on Put Me In The Story. 

The book I went for was “Don’t Push The Button”.


Larry is a lovable monster, if a bit too curious for his own good. And now, you can join him on his fun adventure! In the personalised version of this interactive story. Your child will discover all the surprises around that big red button. Read, play, and laugh along while your little one investigates just how BIG one little push can be!

The website is easy to navigate.  Choose your book, add a child’s name then order – simple.


When the book arrive, I was very impressed by the high quality of the pictures and text.  This hardback book will last a long time, as your repeat your personalised story again and again to your child.

About Put Me In The Story.

The idea we had was to create personalised books from some of the world’s best books,
authors and characters. We started with incredible, bestselling authors from Sourcebooks,
our sister publisher. We have continued to add award-winning, bestselling authors
from the very best publishers plus some of your favorite characters.

I know as a child I would have loved a book like this.  This Christmas spoil your child with one of the many wonderful choices of personalized story books that Put Me In The Story offer.

Prices start at £14.99 and you can order yours here.






**I was provided this book in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**



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