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The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Even though I moved out of my parents many years ago, I still go visit my mum most days after work for a cup of tea and a chat.

Over the last year I’ve been getting into drinking loose leaf tea, instead of drinking the same old tea bags all the time.

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company source their teas directly from the tea growers.  This means they pay a better price to the farmers, and when you buy your tea, you too are supporting the rural farmers.

With such a wide range of teas to choose from you’ll never get bored of your evening cuppa.


Our growers produce some of the finest hand-rolled teas from their home grown tea processing facilities. The sustainable farming methods that these tea growers follow to produce these natural tea leaves helps you keep you away from the dangerous chemical pesticides used in conventional chemical farming. Our goal is to deliver these most exclusive organically grown teas at the doorstep of consumers across the world. All our organic tea is labelled so not to confuse you.


As well as loose teas, they sell a range of accessories.

This glass infusion teapot is exactly what you need for afternoon tea.  With a capacity of 750ml this will make 3-4 cups.  With the infuser, there is no need to use a tea strainer.  This is perfect for all loose leaf teas, or you can still use your tea bags.


With the glass body, it means you can watch and see exactly when your tea is ready to pour.
The teapot can be taken apart and the infuser removed for easy cleaning.
The modern glass and stainless steel design will make the teapot a stand-out feature in your kitchen and it is also an ideal gift for tea lovers.
This is available at from the UK Loose Tea Leaf Company at £15.99.
To find out more about what the UK Loose Tea Leaf Company offer, click here.
**I was provided the tea pot and teas in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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