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Napping as an Adult

Do you nap as an adult?

The internet seems to be divided on whether napping as an adult is a good thing or not.  From my point of view, it’s an excellent thing to do!

With my busy, stressful day job, by the time I get home from work I have no energy to get on with everything else I need to do in the evening.  This is where a nap fixes everything.

At 4.15 when I get in from work, I get into my pyjamas, crawl into bed, and cuddle up with my pregnancy pillow from Theraline.  Yes you read that right, a pregnancy pillow.  No, I’m not pregnant.

The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow has a filling made up of millions of tiny micro beads that are as light as a feather. The amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, whatever position you are in … whether lying down or sitting up. It will remain supportive without giving way. It is also anti-allergenic, warm, breathable, and can be washed at 60°C.


There are a range of colours and patterns to choose from, so you can get one to match your bedroom decor.

After a nap I feel refreshed and ready to face everything the evening has to throw at me.

As my husband doesn’t enjoy naps, this is perfect for keeping me comfy in bed for my evening, and weekend naps.  Last Christmas he gave me a “voucher” for joining me for ten naps over 2016.  He’s still due me six, and there’s less than a month left of 2016 (so that’s not gonna happen).

Thankfully the pregnancy pillow (aka) cuddle pillow keeps me company now instead.  And it’s not just for naps, it joins me in bed every night as I sleep.  Since receiving it I’ve slept like a baby. That’s the magic of them.  Unlike a human body, they don’t get too hot when you cuddle up to them.

To buy your own napping pillow, head over to

Now it’s time for bed, so I’m away to cuddle my pillow.  Happy napping!





**I was provided this pillow in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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