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Retro Photos With Polabora

You don’t need a Polaroid camera to have polaroid photos anymore.  In fact you can even have them printed from your Instagram or Facebook account. offer polaroid prints as well as many different types of vintage/retro prints.

I love printing off photos at the end of each year to remember our adventures.  So firstly I chose a set of the photo booth strips.  You receive 6 in a packet, so 18 photos total.  With each strip I added three of my favourite photos from a different place we visited, then pinned them onto my map of the world.


I also chose 50 vintage prints.  They are 4″ x 3,5″ (10 x 9 cm) and I’ll be using these for updating my travel scrap book.

img_2452 img_2454

The website is really easy to use.  Select which style of photo you’d like, upload your photos, add to shopping basket.  Then shortly after you’ll receive your photos through the door.

This Christmas you can even order personalised Christmas messages on your photos. To find out more about these click here.

As well as photos, Polabora also offer accessories such as photo pegs and photo clips.

The photos that I don’t add into my scrap book will be taken into my work and pinned up by my desk so I can be reminded of happy times.

You can receive 15% off any order by using the code BUCKET16.  There is also free shipping WORLDWIDE.

Head over to to find out more.




**I was provided these by Polabora, but as always all opinions are my own**

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