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I Heart Biscuits Mug

No cup of tea is complete without a biscuit on the side.  But where do you put that biscuit once you’ve taken the first dunk?  You certainly can’t put it down.  This I love biscuits mug from Genie Gadgets solves that with its built in biscuit holder – what a genius invention!


For biscuit and tea connoisseurs everywhere, The I Love Heart Biscuits Mug is what has been missing from your life all these years.

Even if your life feels pretty complete, The I Love Heart Biscuits Mug is still a must-have for tea drinkers everywhere and will leave you wondering why mugs weren’t designed like this from the start?

Inspired by Kangaroos (we presume), The I Love Heart Mug features a pocket on the front to carry the biscuit of your choice, we recommend custard creams personally, so that you never have to worry about unnecessary crumbs or walking from the kitchen with your hands full ever again.

Previous mug designers really have been taking the biscuit.


This would make an excellent gift for someone who always has to have a biscuit with their hot drink.  Don’t worry about the biscuit slot taking up space though, the mug is still big enough for a good sized cuppa.

The only downside of this mug, is the slot is only big enough to hold one biscuit, good for the waist line though 😉

My top biscuits for dipping in tea are:

  • Bourbon
  • Custard Cream
  • Pink Wafer
  • Ginger Nuts
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Shortbread

What is your favourite things to dip in your cup of tea or coffee?

I love this mug, and will make my morning break at work a lot more satisfying knowing I have somewhere safe to store my biscuit.

As well as this mug, you will find many different toys, gifts and gadgets for the home and office over at Genie Gadgets.  You can also use the gift finder to find the perfect gift.

Genie Gadgets was founded in 2007 with the mission of scouring the world to bring unusual great gifts and gadgets to an unsuspecting public. We like to think that we do things differently by treating our customers like friends and family, that’s assuming you like your friends and family.  





**I was provided this mug in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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