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Christmas Cocktails with Tipple Box

Tipple Box is a cocktail and premium craft spirit experience which is delivered right to your door.

Back in the summer of 2014 Tipple Box was little more than an idea. Armed with some plain boxes, hand-written recipe cards and driving a rickety van, Tipple Box founder, Sonny, travelled to Inverness to exhibit at a craft alcohol event.  Tipple Box then officially launched in December 2014. 

Tipple Box is a monthly service, where recipes and ingredients for different cocktails are sent to you in the post.  You receive two expertly curated recipes that include four 5cls and exclusive ingredients.

As this was the Christmas edition I received the ingredients for Mulled Wine Fruit Punch and Ginger Bread Martini – Gingerbread is my absolute favourite!

The recipes are clear and easy to follow.  All of the alcoholic ingredients are included and you just need to add a few extras (Ice cream and whipping cream wouldn’t last very long in the post).

The ingredients I received came in the cutest bottles, and aren’t brands I’ve seen in the supermarkets before.  In the past when trying to make cocktails I’ve bought large bottles and never used them again (there’s currently nearly a litre of marshmallow vodka that’s been sitting in my cupboard for over a year).  These miniature bottles are a brilliant idea.  This way you can sample them without having to commit to the large bottles.

David and I don’t go out drinking very often for two reasons; It’s so expensive, and my hangovers last around a week in my older age.  These cocktail boxes are an excellent idea for a night in the for the two of us,  We can now enjoy a cocktail in the comfort of our living room and you can too.

The craft cocktail boxs are priced at £24 including delivery, with the price per box dropping depending on how long you take out your subscription for.  You have until the 16th of December to order to make sure yours arrives in time for Christmas.

To find out more head over to Tipple Box.






**I received this box in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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