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The Relationship Saving Duvet

A few months ago, when trying to strangle David at night over which duvet to put on again, I knew something had to be done to stop our every evening fights.

With him being super warm, and me freezing every night, there was always arguments over the 2.5 tog duvet, or the 10.5 duvet.  Windows open? Heating on? This has gone on for the last five years.  I’d even spoken to other people about it, and it seems to be a very common problem for couples.

I don’t know why it had taken me so long to think about having two different tog rated duvets in the one duvet cover, but I’d never seen one before so didn’t know they existed.  My first thought was to cut the two duvets in half and sew them together, but after googling I came across Linenfields Partner Duvets.

With tog ratings from 2.5 to 13.5 you can mix and match to suit your specific needs, in duvet sizes from Double to Emperor.

The duvet concept is simple, one half of the duvet is filled up to a specific tog rating, while the other half is filled up with another; resulting in two happy people and no arguments in the evenings.

A wonderful blend of 30% High loft Pyrenean White Duck Down and 70% small Feather. This blend is used to supply hotels for a perfect feeling of cosiness without the weight of cheaper feather normally associated with feather duvets

The construction of the casing is naturally made to the exacting standard’s that one would expect from Euroquilt – cassette boxes made with baffle walls ensure filling is safely contained and will not move around the duvet. Cheaper duvets on the market may be stitched through from top to bottom – this leads to ‘cold spots’ where the top and bottom meet without any filling. The casing is made from the finest 100% cotton, with a finely woven 233 thread count.

Prices for the duvets are below, but until January the 1st you can get an extra 10% off using the code “partner10”

Double 200cm x 200cm – RRP £170.00 (Our Price £85.00)
King 225cm x 220cm – RRP £207.00 (Our Price £103.50)
Super/King 260cm x 220cm – RRP £230.00 (Our Price £115.00)
Emperor Size 295cm x 335cm – RRP £307.00 (Our Price £153.50)

These duvets are a special made to order item so please allow 7-10 days for delivery to the UK.

You can see the difference in the height at each side, but once the duvet cover is on, it is barely noticeable.

Last night we successfully made it through the night without arguing about the heat/cold.  This duvet is hotel quality and made for an excellent nights sleep.  I could even go as far as saying this duvet has already made our relationship better, as we didn’t wake up cranky with each other either.

To buy your own partner duvet, and possibly save your relationship too, head over to

Now just to work on David’s snoring!!!

**I was provided this duvet in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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