Completing my Bucket List

Self-Development Workshop

Self-development is something I’ve been working on since I started my bucket list a few years ago.

Two weeks ago I was invited along to a master class held by 7seeds.

Many people are unhappy with their life but lack the motivation to do something about it.  This master class will give you 7 areas to work on.

1 – My Journey – explore your dreams & aspirations

2 – My Story – understand who you are

3 – My Health – learn how to be fit and healthy for life

4 – My Well being – discover how to live life in balance

5 – My Team – explore how to improve your relationships

6 – My Destinations – define your life purpose and goals

7 – My Legacy – identify how you can make a positive difference

As part of the class we did an exercise to figure out our personality type.  I’ve done this test before so was glad to find out it was the same result again this time – IN (TJ).  This is something I think everyone needs to learn about themselves, so you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to work on them.

7Seeds aim is to help transform women’s lives through giving them the confidence to pursue the life and goals they want.

We take you on a journey of exploration and discovery which provides you with powerful insights into who you are, your story so far and what is important to you moving forward. We provide the tools and techniques to make simple and impactful changes in your life, which will lead you to improve your wellbeing, identify your purpose and learn how to live your life in balance.

Lisa and Susan who run the class are perfect examples of women who have changed their lives around and and you can tell the passion that they put into 7Seeds.  The master class is a great introduction to the retreats that 7Seeds offer.

The Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals and snacks
  • All activities
  • Group learning sessions
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Learning materials
  • Spa treatments are also available on request

To find out more head over to

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