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Baru Marshmallows

We love marshmallows in our house, so I was excited to try out these super fancy marshmallows from Baru.

Baru is A young Belgian company that builds on the Belgian chocolate heritage in a playful and original way.

We’re whimsical, a little rebellious and big fans of Belgian surrealism. Our ultimate goal is to continuously surprise and amaze our fans (and ourselves) with innovative treats.

From our Dreamy Hippos and Swirly Hot Chocolates to our now famous Fluffy Marshmallows, Barú creations are the ultimate indulgence!

Marshmallows covered in chocolate, sea salted caramel flavour, dark chocolate, milk chocolate – there is so much to choose from.  The fluffy and light sea salted marshmallow was my favourite.

With prices starting from £2.99 you should buy all of the flavours to try them 🙂

Barú’s confectionery is natural, and contains no artificial flavourings, aromas, essences or any other funny business! It is simply a high quality confectionery that uses premium Belgian chocolate and the best quality ingredients such as artisan-cooked caramel, and freeze-dried fruit pieces. Packed in award-winning packaging the range is the perfect indulgent treat or if you can resist the contents for long enough can be given as a gift!

To order yours, head over to



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