Completing my Bucket List

The Time I Received a Letter From NASA

It’s not often you get home to find a letter from NASA through the door!  Were they needing volunteers to go into space?  Was I being called back to my home planet?

Not quite.  But what was inside was still exciting.

A few months before I’d seen online that you could write a letter to an astronaut and get a reply. I went onto the NASA website, got the information then went about writing a letter to an astronaut.

It was many years ago now, and I can’t remember what I wrote, but I still have my reply and the envelope it came in.

A signed photo and information to many interesting questions about spending time in space.  I love that “how do you go to the bathroom in space?” is the first question.

To this day, the signed photo is framed and up on the wall in my study.  Because how many people can say they’ve received a letter from NASA?!

Well, if you want to add this to your bucket list and get your own letter and photograph from NASA just send your letter to the below address.

NASA/Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058


Happy Bucket Listing

Laura x

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