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How I Visited 10 Countries Last Year Whilst Working Full Time

The most common question I get asked on my blog is “How do you afford to travel so much?”

Now let me start off this post by saying I know this isn’t possible for everyone.  This is just how I managed to do it.

Firstly, I’m lucky enough to get 29 days paid vacation plus public holidays.  I spent 25 days of these out of the country, adding 16 weekend days on top, so a total of 41 days on travel last year.

Next, I stay in Scotland, so it’s pretty easy to fly to places in Europe for a few days.  With return flights to many cities in Europe for £50, it’s actually cheaper than me getting a round trip 40 mile taxi at home.  I usually visit Skyscanner to see where I can fly to cheap that weekend.  When we visited Amsterdam we took a Saturday morning flight, and headed home on Sunday night (No vacation days used).

I’m also now in a position where I am fortunate enough to work with hotels, and tour companies. A couple of years ago, there is no way I’d manage to do this much travel in a year.

This blog is basically a second job to me, and I can find myself spending 20+ hours a week on the blog, social media and partnerships.

Travel is a priority for David and I, so we make sure after paying the bills, and savings that we have a travel fund as well.  Two incomes and no children plays a huge factor in our savings.

On our long weekend visits to Europe, it’s usually quite easy to visit two countries in one trip (eg; France/Switzerland, and Denmark/Sweden).  On our large trip last year we spent one week in the USA, and one week in Canada.

We’re also pretty good with our spending habits at home as well.  With monthly cinema passes, it gives us something to do a couple of times a week without spending a huge amount of money. Also we don’t buy a lot of material things, and when we do, we sell anything we don’t need.  Any extra funds made, go straight into the travel fund.

Well that’s it, how I visited 10 countries in one year whilst working a full time job.  If I haven’t answered any questions please ask 🙂



6 thoughts on “How I Visited 10 Countries Last Year Whilst Working Full Time

  1. Elizabeth

    This is wonderful! I lived in France for 7 months and visited about 8-9 countries, not including exploring France!
    I think being able to live in Europe or SE Asia or maye even somewhere like South America, in an ideal location, that is HUGE help. Because a good portion of travel funds go to flights! Not to mention flying across an ocean is time consuming!
    This is why we’re trying to find a way to live and work in Europe!
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. completingmybucketlist Post author

      Id love to move to another place in Europe in the future. You could take a train everywhere <3

    1. completingmybucketlist Post author

      When I visited Copenhagen I took a train to Malmo, Sweden for the day. It was less than an hour to get there 🙂

  2. Cris

    I am also in Europe and I have 22 + 5 paid days off plus all weekends. So , as soon as it gets warmer outside, I plan weekend trips 🙂
    I do love to go back though to a country so I don’t really count how many countries I visited during a year but how many trips I took 🙂

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