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After having a breast reduction four years ago, I thought my years of back pain were going to be over with.  Unfortunately I still found myself with the pain, and slouching, especially when out for long walks.

It had been suggested to me to try out a back brace to improve my posture and reduce the pain. sent me this shoulder brace to try out.

Our award winning Shoulder Brace has been developed in conjunction with the London Spine Clinic, Harley Street. Specifically designed for your upper and middle back, the Shoulder Brace helps to improve posture, prevent slouching and relieve pain.

Once fitted, you will instantly feel the elasticated straps pull your shoulders into the correct posture position, straightening your spine. The low profile back section (spine) of the brace will then help support your back in this position.

Used as a training device for a few hours a day over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a improvement in your posture. As your body becomes accustomed to your new, natural, correct posture you will no doubt feel taller, more confident and healthier. Over time you will find that you will retain this posture and experience less pain, even when you are not wearing the brace.

From the moment I put the brace on I could feel my posture improve instantly.  I’ve been wearing it for a few hours after work each day, and even just sitting down at the computer I can feel such a difference.

It fits perfectly underneath your clothes, but does rub a little under my arm so I prefer to wear it over a t-shirt.  I can now go out for a long walk without complaining about pain.   It is easy to adjust and even when I don’t wear it now I can see some difference in my posture.

As well as the lack of pain, the straight posture also makes me look and feel more confident than before.  So for anyone who slouches, or has even a little bit of back pain, this small price of £34.99 is worth spending to fix that.

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**I was provided this back brace in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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