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College of Wizardry – Part 1

It’s now 19 days til I head off to College of Wizardry.  I’ve been counting down the days since I booked the trip back in July.

I never realised how much time and effort went into a LARP event, and I’m really hoping all the work I’ve done will turn out well.

Originally I signed up to play a student.  I designed my character, Echo Urban.  A pure hexblood wizard who hated mundane (muggle) born students and was anti werewolf.  Her wardrobe was funky, with many different animal hats and headpieces and she was pretty damn evil.

A little over a week ago, a space opened up to be one of the professors.  Even thought this is my first LARP event, I decided to challenge myself and sign up.  So Echo was no more.

I’m now Rowan Ripley (taking my maiden name back for a bit), the professor of Magical Theory.  To save the costumes I decided to be Echo’s older sister.

Rowan is also a vampire (cool huh?), and an award winning writer of “Finding your Magical Match”.  She is married to a famous fireball (quidditch) player, and is only teaching for a year at Czocha to study how students nowadays date.  Her classes will be a mix of history, fun, and a little torture (not of the students).

College of Wizardry starts right before the event.  I’m in Facebook groups for the professors, the house I’ll be monitoring and other groups.  There is also a real life social networking website specially built for the event.   “Czochabook”, which is Facebook for wizards.  I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting into character there.  Making friends and making enemies.

I’ve been designing class plans and props for the last week, so I’m hoping my class will turn out well.

Part two will be up next week where I will share “What to pack for College of Wizardry”.



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