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Review: The Nextbase Dashcam 412GW

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a brand new car.  Three weeks later someone drove it off the road!  After getting over the initial “I’m going to die” moment, then came the “oh crap, my cars a mess” moment.  Luckily, a witness to the incident pulled over and gave his statement to the police so the insurance claim went pretty easily.

But, this experience made me realise, that if this witness hadn’t pulled over, it was my word against the other drivers.

It’s been 6 weeks since the incident now, and my car was such a mess I still don’t actually have it back yet.  In the mean time I’m using a courtesy car, but what I have done for my safety is installed a dash cam.

After reading reviews online, the Nextbase dash cam kept coming out on top.

The model I was sent is the 412GW.

The Nextbase 412GW pushes the boundaries of what a Dash Cam is capable of, featuring QUAD HD 1440p footage, which delivers stunning image quality at 30 frames per second. The 412GW uses six-element sharp lenses, made up of 6 layers of glass to provide the ultimate in picture clarity, with a 140° viewing angle able to capture the entire road ahead. In the event of an accident, the clear and crisp footage is perfect for providing instant evidence to support an insurance claim and proving you weren’t at fault.

Featuring the new Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount, the 412GW offers the ultimate in convenience and ease of installation. The Mount uses magnets and powered touch points, allowing the camera itself to be free from wires. The 412GW can simply click on and off the mount, with the device starting automatically. Inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to download and share footage instantly onto your mobile or tablet using the Nextbase Cam Viewer app (Available on IOS or Android). The app acts as your personal mobile storage for footage you want to keep and share with friends, family, an insurance firm or even the police.

The G-sensor identifies sharp or unusual movements as a result of an impact. The in car camera then locks that file away so that it cannot be recorded over.

The Nextbase dash cam was super easy to install, and was ready within seconds for my journey.  The RRP is £129.99 which is such a low price to pay for your safety and evidence.

If I’m unfortunate enough to be involved in another accident, and there isn’t a witness there, at least now I know I’ll have full footage to hand over to the police, making my journeys feel a lot safer nowadays.

You can purchase your own dash cam from

**I was provided this dash cam in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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