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The Highland Chocolatier

Let me start off by saying just how amazing these chocolates look!  These works of art are created by Iain Burnett – The Highland Chocolatier, based right here in Scotland.

Award-winning artisan chocolatier Iain Burnett trained under Master Chocolatiers of the Belgian, Swiss and French schools, and creates the multiple awarded Velvet Truffle as well as an internationally renowned range of fresh cream truffles and spiced pralines.  It took over 3 years to create his unique truffle using only natural and fresh ingredients – the now famous Velvet Truffle.   Iain and his team provide top chefs with gourmet truffles of an artisan quality unavailable elsewhere. The small dedicated team of chocolatiers are trained in-house to meticulously hand-craft chocolates.    His ganaches can be elegantly enrobed in chocolate, or experienced in its purest form without a chocolate shell at all!

With many different flavour options, there is something for every taste bud.  The passionfruit and mango truffle was definitely my favourite.

The gift box that it arrives in is super cute and would be perfect to give to someone as a gift, but I wasn’t sharing on this occasion.

I’ve been trying lately to sample more of what Scotland has to offer, and each one of these chocolates was a refreshing change to chocolate I’ve had in the past.

This box is the perfect size for sitting down to have with your evening cuppa.  With chocolates that look and taste this good, it certainly feels like a treat.

Iain Burnett uses a uniquely flavoured single-origin cocoa from the volcanic island of São Tomé in the South Atlantic.  This intense cocoa was carefully selected for its exceptional range of fruity, aromatic and spicy characteristics, and was painstakingly matched with an unblended fresh Scottish cream from a particular herd of cows.  With no artificial additives or preservatives, only the best ingredients and exotic spices are infused to create flavours and textures to delight the palate.  Each fresh harvest brings constantly shifting flavour balances to our recipes.

To order your own, head over to visit the Highland Chocolatier. 





**I was provided these chocolates in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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