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Zoohood Onesies

Sleeping at College of Wizardry deserved a lot more than regular pyjamas.  As my character was a werewolf hater I decided to go for the wolf onesie from Zoohood.  Perfect for keeping me warm at night, and for wandering about the castle in a fantastic outfit.    Even in the product description is says “hilarious enough to wear as a wolf costume” – it certainly was.

Purple wolf onesie
One adult size – fits most adults up to 6 foot tall (185cm)
Made by BCozy
100% polyester fleece material
Loose fit
Comfy enough to wear as pyjamas
Hilarious enough to wear as a wolf costume

Animal onesies are soft and comfy all-in-one animal suits for everyone. They’re great as wild costumes or snugly pyjamas. Choose yours from our wide range – we have over 100 different animal onesie designs for adults and kids in stock. Next-day shipping available in the UK.

With the huge choice of the animal onesies Zoohood offer, it was hard to pick which one to go for.  A few others that nearly made my top choice were; the unicorn, the frog and the sloth.

About Zoohood


We started trading in 2010, with our original store – Animal Costumes Shop, proudly bringing hundreds of amazing animal costume designs to the UK for the first time. On our travels we came across all sorts of new animal-themed products by all sorts of wonderful brands and in all sorts of styles, but we had no space for them in our existing shop. And so, ZooHood was born.

On the ZooHood website, you will find a range of animal onesies, gifts, animal slippers, clothing, art and more for both adults and kids. Our shop stocks brands from the USA, Japan and other parts of the world. All of our products are high quality and all are inspired by animals.

As well as looking cute, the onesie was so comfy and kept me warm in a cold polish castle in winter.  To buy your own onesie head over to




**I was provided this onesie in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**

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