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Claustrophobia Berlin

It feels like ages since I’ve done an escape room, and meeting up with people before College of Wizardry, it felt like the perfect way to get to know each other.

Claustrophobia, in the Alexa Shopping Centre, Berlin had great reviews – and now I see why.

The room we went for was the Pirates Hut.

You are on a tropic isle in the middle of the Caribbean. Well, you know where this is going. There is thunder in paradise. A lonesome hut on a cliff could become your death trap! Its bloodthirsty eyed-patched landlord will soon be back from hunting. Take it on faith, he will gladly turn you into one of his trophies. These dull walls are hardly the last thing you want to see before his blade finds you — run!

The Pirates Hut is one of the most authentic feeling rooms I’ve been in.  At no point did I feel like I was in the room in the middle of a shopping mall, but instead I actually felt like I had to escape from the Pirate’s hut.

My two team mates had never done an escape room before, and I was super grateful for their fresh eyes on some of the tasks.  No matter how many rooms I do now, there are still so many genius puzzles to catch me off guard.

I really didn’t think we’d escape this one, but with around 50 seconds to go, we made it out!

Claustrophobia also offer two other rooms;

Vault 13 – Lucky to survive the nuclear war in an underground shelter — Vault 13, you are the last of the human kind, dreaming of seeing sunlight once again.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Let’s face it, we have all dreamt of throwing a museum heist at least once! Not for the money, though, but solely to keep a masterpiece to ourselves. Here is your shot! It’s a pitch black night: visitors gone, guards out for coffee and donuts. You have the gear and an accomplice — somebody on the inside. Now is the time to snatch the most valuable exhibit and vanish.

Claustrophobia gives you a chance to try something completely new by leaving your comfort zone – each room is an opportunity to live another life

With rooms in 11 countries, make sure to look up your nearest Claustrophobia room.

*I was provided this escape room experience in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own*

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