Completing my Bucket List

I’ve swam with sharks, jumped out of planes, zip lined over alligators and flown a plane (just to name a few things), but nothing can even come close to the best experience I’ve ever had in my life so far – College of Wizardry.

For anyone who hasn’t read my previous posts about this, College of Wizardry is a 3 day event in a castle in Poland, where you live as your wizard character during your time there.

As you can tell I’ve been excited for this since I bought my ticket last July, but what actually happened was so much better than I could ever of dreamed of.

As someone who is on the very introverted/anti social side of life, it was a big step for me travelling to another country to meet nearly 150 people from over the world to take part in my first ever LARP (live action role play).

We arrived at Czocha Castle in Poland, and it was more beautiful than it looked in the pictures. I couldn’t believe I’d be living here for the next three evenings.

After our introductions to LARP and College of Wizardry, it was time to say bye to Laura Lawson for the next three days and become Professor Rowan Ripley.

As part of my professor character I needed some smart shoes, and coming across these Moshulu vintage shoes, these just seemed perfect.

A Moshulu favourite! Our lace oxford shoe has 2 choices of lace, either pretty ribbon or traditional lace. She has a characterful vintage look with her suede contrast trim and softly grained leather too. Heel height 6cm.

As well as looking fantastic, they were super comfortable for wearing all day, even with a small heel.

Moshulu shoes are perfect for if you’re looking to brighten up your outfit with a splash of colour. Here are a few of my favourites.

TeacakeSalcombe 3

To find out more about Moshulu shoes, and see the funky range they have to offer, head over to



**I was provided these shoes in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own**



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