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Hunt A Killer!

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Hunt A Killer (HAK) is a murder mystery entertainment service that challenges its players to hunt and catch a killer through its interactive monthly membership boxes and premium one-time experiences allowing thrill seeking minds to solve intricate, ongoing, fictional murder mysteries. Filled with clues, codes and ciphers, each curated delivery serves as a TV show or movie that you can touch, feel and smell enabling members to step inside the mind of a homicide investigator and hunt a killer. Founded in fall 2016 as a single event, Hunt A Killer opened sign-ups for its exclusive membership program in October 2016 and continues to deliver curiosity and imagination through original narrative and interpretation. For more information on Hunt A Killer, visit

As a lover of escape rooms and murder mysteries, when i saw this advertised on Facebook I just had to try it.  My first kit has arrived through the door and I’ll report back shortly.

● Pricing:
○ 12-Month Prepay: $25/month
○ 6-Month Prepay: $27.50/month
○ Month-to-Month: $30/month
● Inside​ ​each​ ​curated​ ​box:
○ Tools to support your investigation
○ Objects aimed to rattle your mind, haunt your dreams and help solve the mystery
○ Correspondence from the serial killer
● Delivery:
○ Free US shipping
○ International shipping available

To order your own kit and find out more head over to


Hunt A Killer is publishing a new 30 to 60 minute episode every other week to start and has plans to transition to a weekly schedule within the next three months.  Hosted by C.W.S., a true cime blogger, poet, and previous FBI detective hopeful, “Behind True Crime” aims to reveal intimate details about the hearts and minds of both the subjects of true crime as well as the people behind the work.

You can listen here – iTunes and SoundCloud.



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