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Unlock! – Escape Adventures

With an addiction to Escape Rooms, I was so excited when I realised you can get escape games to play in the comfort of your own home.

Unlock! Escape Adventures from Asmodee, is a series of card games for 1-6 players.  You need to download an app for your phone to play this game which makes it more interactive than just a card game.

In this game – “The Formula”, you enter a scientists secret laboratory and have 60 minutes to discover a mysterious serum.

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Like an actual escape room, you have puzzles to solve, codes to find, and locks to unlock (with the help of the phone app).

I cleared the living room table and set the timer on my phone, turned the first card over and started the game.  As you solve a puzzle you are given the cards to turn over for the next clues. If you get something wrong though – you lose some time!


Unfortunately this time I was unsuccessful in getting out, and ran 7 minutes over my time, and had to use a lot of clues!  I was expected a card game to be a lot easier than an escape room, but I was proved wrong and had to put all my problem solving skills to use.  I loved this game though and will be buying the other 2 in the series.   I can’t give away much more than that, so you’ll have to get a copy yourself to try it.


“When you decipher and enter the final code for each of these adventures, you will be given a score for your efforts. This rating will depend on how many hints and hidden objects you needed help with, whether you entered any codes incorrectly, and how long you took to reach the end. Every play of the game will get you closer to the expert five stars, so even if you don’t get there right away, pay attention to the correct path so you can improve your score the next time around. With three unique stories and puzzles to explore right off the bat, and the challenge of achieving a five-star score, you’ll always have a mystery to solve and a clock to beat with Unlock!.

Look for all three of these Unlock! adventures in the series’ first release during Quarter Two of 2017. In the meantime, Android users can get a taste of the Unlock! system with a demo of the game, available here. You can download a beta version of the app for Android, the full game rules, a get-started guide, the game tutorial, and a limited-duration adventure, The Elite. Enjoy!”



Head over to Asmodee to find out more and order your copy.


*I was provided this game in exchange for this post, but as always all opinions are my own*

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