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I wasn’t surprised to find some super cool stuff when I came across

“ is run by the Swedish company CoolStuff AB, which has been active on the web since 1999. Our goal is to offer the most innovative, cool, and fun gadgets on the market. That’s why we call ourselves gadget heaven! We continuously work on having the newest and most exciting gadgets in our shop. Feel free to contacts us if you come across a product that you think should we should have in our selection.”

It took me a long time to pick some items off this site as there was so much to choose from.  But in the end I went for the below three.

Three person chess!

You can have a battle where two little guys work together to defeat a giant. The same principle applies to 3 person chess: a champion can be defeated in the most dramatic way by a close pact between two fools. It’s just one of many benefits of 3 Man Chess.

Mind you, this isn’t Sheldon’s chess from “The Big Bang Theory”. 3 person chess uses a circular chess board and the rules are the same as normal chess, with a few minor additions. For example, players’ positions are separated by a “moat”, so all the pieces must move three steps forward before they can attack their neighbour. It’s a little confusing at first but the new shapes soon feel natural.

101 Movies Scratch Poster

This is great gift for a bucket lister.  The top 101 must see movies.

Are you and your friends having a hard time deciding what to watch on movie night? Or are you just tired of watching the same film over and over again? (Sure, E.T. is good, but when you know all the lines by heart, it might be time to watch something else!) With the 101 Movies Scratch Poster, you will find plenty of inspiration for the next movie night, and the one after that, and the one after that…

Watch a film, scratch the title on the poster Watch the next film and scratch a little more! The poster is covered by 101 films worth seeing, and when you scrape the film title, you will bring forth of a pretty and colourful icon that symbolises the film. The more you look and scratch, the cooler the poster becomes!

Worlds Smallest 1000 Piece Puzzle

As a lover of jigsaw puzzles I couldn’t say no to trying out this worlds smallest puzzle.  I’ll be updating this post once it’s done.

Of course, it’s lots of fun to put together puzzles, but they take up so much space! Well, not any more – here is the world’s smallest 1000-piece puzzle! Each puzzle piece measures approximately 1 cm and once the puzzle is all put together, it’s no bigger than 42×29 cm. Choose between several different themes of famous landmarks. has so much coolstuff, it’s really hard to actually choose.  Have a look for Christmas gifts for people, and you might get distracted with a few things you want for yourself.

To see what else is available, head over to




**I was provided a voucher to choose some items on the site, but the site was so good I actually spent some of my own money buying more.  As always all opinions are my own**

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