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Brick Yourself!

Have you ever wanted to become a Lego version of yourself?  – Of course you have!

Grab the perfect gift for the person who has everything: A Lego® figure of themselves!


Brick Yourself figures are caricatures of people in LEGO®. They make for fun, artistic and heart-felt  gifts, creating figures that both look and feel like the person being represented.

At its heart, Brick Yourself is about gift giving. Whether the gift is for yourself or someone else, you can be assured it’s bound to be something special. Brick Yourself offers you a unique opportunity to really give someone the perfect gift, the gift of themselves as a LEGO® figure.


When I was in touch with Daniel from Brick Yourself, I described my personality.  This is where he came up with the above.

It includes the elements of adventure, geekiness, fun and boldness to create a figure based on my personality. She comes with a key for the escape rooms that I love.  And the compass for travel, and in Daniels words “because you’re someone who’s definitively chosen to follow their own compass and also because you’re helping others to follow theirs.” <3

She now sits pride of place in my living room to show off when people come round.

Custom Lego Minifigures Brick Yourself

How it works:

“You design your figure by providing information (and possibly a photo) about the person you would like made as a Lego® figure.

Brick Yourself then make versions of the figure according to the person’s hobbies, personality and physical features and you receive the figure with a display case when both you (and hopefully the artist) are happy with the design.

Brick Yourself’s unique and personalised gifts are creative and artistic, allowing you to exhibit fondness for someone in a cute and thoughtful way, while giving them something they can keep forever. Brick Yourself gifts can be funny but also heartfelt in many ways.”


To order yours for yourself, or a gift, head over to




**I was provided my lego me in exchange for this post**

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