Completing my Bucket List

The Divorce Bucket List

The Divorce Bucket List

So you might of noticed I’ve been kind of quiet in the last year.  That’s because life went a bit tits up for a while and I’m getting a divorce.  Divorced before 30 was not exactly my life plan, but ah well! Shit happens, and I’m in a better place for it now.  So now to start sorting life out living alone, and what better way to start than with my “divorce bucket list”.

  1. Have a mental breakdown
  2. Go to therapy
  3. Go on a bender
  4. Realise going on a bender is a stupid idea and you need to sort your life out
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few times
  6. Buy your home yourself and be happy you’re 29 and own your own home
  7. Redecorate everything so it’s all in your style
  8. Live off takeaway food for a while
  9. Realise living off takeaway food isn’t healthy and you’re going to get fat
  10. Go on a holiday by yourself
  11. Treat yourself to new clothes and a haircut
  12. Refuse to date your old taste in men.  The bad boy is only so much fun for a while
  13. Have a divorce party with cake
  14. Go to the movies alone
  15. Get used to living alone, and sleep with a hammer under the bed just incase zombies attack.
  16. Spend more time with the people you stopped seeing as much
  17. Drink lots of tea, and eat lots of cake with good people
  18. Sort out a will, because he won’t be getting your house when you die now
  19. Buy flowers for myself
  20. Get in shape (yeah this one might take a while)
  21. Do more things you couldn’t do before because you felt held back
  22. Make new friends
  23. Realise that even though you’re under 30 and soon to be divorced there’s actually heaps of other people in your friend circle who’ve been through the same
  24. Remember to put the bins out
  25. Get a new tattoo
  26. Start blogging again
  27. Concentrate on the business
  28. Concentrate on the day job, because you’re now paying bills for one
  29. Stop thinking your ex is a dick and realise that you’ve got a better life now
  30. Join a gym
  31. Na don’t join a gym, gyms suck
  32. Turn all that extra closet space into your costume cupboard
  33. Enjoy sitting in the living room in your underwear, watching whatever the hell you want on netflix, and eating pizza
  34. Panic about money for a little while because you’re now paying bills for one
  35. Stop worrying about money because you only have yourself to look after now
  36. Enjoy your freedom
  37. Maybe one day stop being a cold hearted bitch who doesn’t trust men
  38. Learn a new skill
  39. Take up a new hobby
  40. Get rid of wedding memories, pictures, gifts etc
  41. Clear out your facebook albums
  42. Don’t waste time on things/people that don’t make you happy
  43. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get motivated to be awesome
  44. Travel
  45. Be yourself
  46. Do things outside your comfort zone
  47. Get back on to doing things from your main bucket list
  48. Wait one year for legal separation then file those divorce forms
  49. Get confirmation and get your old name back
  50. Live happily ever after


11 thoughts on “The Divorce Bucket List

  1. Karyn

    I’m not sure what you really meant when you put “Make a scary life decision” on your bucket list but I’m sure that getting a divorce counts. It’s a huge change and some people stay much longer in bad situations because of fear. I’m excited for you and continuing taking on big things that make you better!

  2. John

    We are so sorry to hear. You appear to be a strong person and you will get through this. Your bucket list as been an inspiration for our’s. We hope you continue with it. By the way loving the work you are doing for cosplay.

  3. tish

    I am sorry to hear the news. How are you now doing? You seem to be a strong person. You will get through this.

    1. completingmybucketlist Post author

      I’m doing good now thanks 🙂 Thats everything nearly finalised, so a fresh start

  4. Sascha

    Hey Laura, Sascha here. I met you a few years ago in CGUK.

    I’m also currently separating from my wife – probably with the difference that we’re still good friends but it’s a complete new start anyways.

    I’ve been travelling Latin America for the last 3 months and am now settling in Mexico.

    Just do what you do best and don’t let anything or anybody stop you! You did inspire me when you started your bucket list so I hope I can give at least some of it back in case you need it 🙂

    Best wishes from chilli paradise! ️️

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