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100 Places – Bucket List Venues

Sometimes it’s really hard to pick where you want to go on your next trip.  There are far too many amazing places in the world that sometimes you just need a little help.

This 100 places bucket list poster from IWOOT.COM gives you a list of ideas, and you can even scratch them off once you’ve visited them.

100 Places Bucket List Poster

The 100 Places Bucket List Poster is a great gift for any keen traveller. Comprising 100 pictures of the must-see places in the world, scratch off every place once you have been there and bought the t-shirt! Examples of locations listed include: The Terracotta Army in China, Mdina in Malta and the Golden Circle in Iceland. Great as a memento of past travels and offering suggestions and inspiration for future trips, the poster is presented in triangular cardboard tube.


  • 100 Places Bucket List Poster
  • Great gift for any keen traveller
  • 100 scratch-off pictures of must-see places in the world

The map arrives presented in a triangular cardboard tube.  So if this isn’t a gift for yourself, it’s perfect to give to someone else.

100 Places Bucket List Poster

There are a full range of scratch off maps which you can purchase over at, including:

  • 100 movies bucket list poster
  • 100 books bucket list poster
  • 100 albums bucket list poster

I love this map, and its a great way to see amazing places in the world.  Now my only issue is where to go next?

To purchase this scratch off map, and view the full range of other amazing items IWOOT.COM offer, head over to their website and see what draws your attention.  I’m sure you’ll be there a while.




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