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30 Bucket List Items For My 30’s

In my 20’s I visited 20 countries, crossed a lot off my bucket list, bought a house, got married, got divorced, found a job I don’t actually hate, started a business and a lot more.  I turned 30 at the weekend so it’s time for a fresh start; living alone, paying bills alone, and time to progress myself personally and professionally.

“Some studies suggest that 35 is the “best age” and that real happiness begins at age 33.”

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Here are the 30 bucket list Items I plan on completing in the next 10 years:

1: Be debt free

2:  Lose 30 lbs (and keep it off this time)

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3: Have a good amount in savings

4: Write a book

5: Create a cosplay I’m proud of

6: Create something from from scratch I’m proud of (something crafty)

7: Visit another 10 countries

8: Take a solo trip

9: Spend a day at a spa (The old back’s not the same as it used to be).

10: Learn to cook and bake

11: Run a successful business

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12: Find something I class myself as “skilled at”

13: Stop acting like I’m 20 and take care of my mental and physical health

14: Spend quality time with friends and family

15: Get a hobby I enjoy

16: Create/invent something

17: Learn more

18: Run an amazing event

19: Live in another country (even for a little while)

20: Be proud of something I’ve achieved

21: Learn to manage my time better

22: Find what makes me happy

23: Read more

24: Find my style

25: Get laser eye surgery

26: Make a scary life decision

27: Learn photoshop

28: Invent a board game

29: Find some form of exercise I don’t hate

30: Complete everything on this list


What’s on your bucket list for in your 30’s?

2 thoughts on “30 Bucket List Items For My 30’s

  1. Gloria Lewis

    Great list Laura! I have nicked a couple of your ideas. I now have a list of 10 things that I want to do in the next couple of months.

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