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Escape Rooms

After trying my very first escape room I was hooked!

An escape room is an adventure mind game.  You are locked in a room with other people and have to use elements of the room to solve puzzles and clues to escape within the time limit.  The rooms can have totally different themes such as zombies and prison break.

I’ve added try 30 Escape Rooms before I’m 30 to my list.  I’ll update here with the one’s I’ve tried and if I escaped.

Rooms tried:  24/30

Escaped:  13/24

1: Escape Rooms Romania – Bucharest, Romania – didn’t escape.vic0388-copy-copy.jpg

2 + 3 – Two Rooms at Captive Escape Rooms in Toronto, Canada.  Only managed to escape with extra time and lots of help!12049725_1639543992995947_7230216770556958766_n

4:  Trapped – Toronto, Canada –  Didn’t escape ended up locked in with the zombie.trapped-box-rm3-500x300.jpg

5:  Breakout Games – Aberdeen, Scotland – Escaped in 60 minutes.10334248_1098734283493726_5466992941120244919_n.jpg

6: Reykjavik Escape – Reykjavik, Iceland – Didn’t escape in time but I’m sure we would have in another ten minutes. 734900_972562872812904_8820614659842785129_n

7: The Diamond Heist at Escape Hour – Edinburgh, Scotland – The hardest challenge so far


8: TimeQuest Copenhagen – Denmark – Escaped in 50 minutes with 1 clue.  Proudest moment yet


9:  Sherlocked, Malmo – Sweden – Escaped with 49 seconds to go


10: The Lab at Mystery Makers – Copenhagen, Denmark – Didn’t make it out 🙁


11: The Secret Chamber – Geneva, Switzerland – unsuccessful, my mums first escape room and she loved it


12:  Timescape – Geneva, Switzerland – Needed another 10 minutes to escape


13:  Escape World – Amsterdam – Down the Rabbit Hole – No where near escaping this one.  I’d recommend at least 4 people before tackling this room.  Great theme and set though.


14:  Escape Alcatraz – Escape SF – Escaped with just over 10 minutes to spare.


15: Escape Games PDX – Sherlock’s Secret – half way there, and our first attempt at a group room. We escaped with just minutes to spare.


16: The Vanishing Act – Locurio – Escaped

17: Guess HQ – no where near escaped (haha)


18: Claustrophobia, Berlin – The Pirates Hut

 19 – X Quest in Bratislava – managed to escape even though the room wasn’t in English with the help of some friends.

20 – Breakout games Aberdeen – Frankenstein room – didn’t escape

Image result for breakout games aberdeen frankenstein

21 – Orlando’s Escape Game – Prison Break – Didn’t Escape.

22 – America’s Escape Game – Crisis at 1600 – Escaped

23 – Room Breakout – Orlando – The Ringmasters Den – Escaped

24 – Misery at Escape Reality, Glasgow – Escape

3 thoughts on “Escape Rooms

  1. halfa1000miles

    Escape Artist in Greenville, SC is super clever (we got out in 62 minutes w/lots of clues), which is a NOPE, but major props to it. It is way better than the others we have visited.

    Love them too!

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