Completing my Bucket List


Upcoming changes

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some new categories to my blog.  When I first started this, I just used my blog as somewhere to write down my bucket list and keep some photos updated. The more I…

Sorting my health out

Sorting my health out

At the beginning of this year I noticed my clothes were starting to feel a little tighter, and I was getting out of breath walking up stairs again :s After all the work I’d put into losing weight back in…

One year weight loss

It’s been a year since I started my weight loss journey. I looked at pictures of myself at Christmas and New year 2013 and didn’t recognise myself. Couldn’t beleive I had let myself get that big. Years of takeaways, alcohol,…

Weight Loss

Spending my late teens and early twenties as a miserable, drunken bum didn’t do very much for the slim figure I grew up with! Once I eventually wised up, stopped drinking as much and got my life on track I…

Colour Run

#219 do a colour run Amazing day out!!

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