Completing my Bucket List


How I Plan My Travels

How I Plan My Travels

Spreadsheets and polypockets aren’t the most glamorous of things, but when I’m heading off on a two week adventure there’s nothing I love more than planning out our trip. Obviously we first pick a destination; change our mind a few…

“Follow Your Dreams” and Dream Jobs

“Follow Your Dreams” and Dream Jobs

It’s so easy to tell people to follow their dreams, and I guess it’s “easy” enough for some people to follow them.  But what if you don’t know what your dreams are? I know what I want to do on…

How to get through real life in between travel

How to get through real life in between travel

I’m not gonna lie… It’s tough.  All David and I can think about it our next trip.  Then then next one, then the next.  In between our getaways we do need something to take our minds off it.  Here are…

New York Bucket List

New York Bucket List

In the short time we had in New York these were the top experiences 1: Go on a pizza tour of Brooklyn with A Slice of Brooklyn 2: Sleep No More –  This was one of the most interesting experiences…

create and sell art

#183 Create a peice of art and sell it I’m not sure if others would call this “Art” But they were both fun to do and I managed to sell both of them at a car boot sale. The crayon…


#205 try curling. One space came up for curling through the social committee at work. Normally i like going along to something with someone I know but I wanted to tick this one off my list since the opportunity came…

write a letter to a soldier

#117 Write a letter to a soldier Last year I sent a letter to a Canadian Solider. I never expected a reply but a few months later received a lovely letter and sticker.

Go to an aquarium

#212 go to an aquarium

7 days without television

A normal working week would involve me coming home, cleaning and feeding pets, cooking dinner, then getting into my pyjamas by 7pm and watching tv and sitting on the Ipad until around 10pm. Well that’s not getting much done and…

Hold a snake

#122 hold a snake. Thanks to A1 Aquatics in Aberdeen for letting me hold a snake today. Not as scary as I thought, it was actually kinda cute.

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