Completing my Bucket List

2014 is going to be great

2014 is going to be a great year. Getting married in Las vegas will be the biggest highlight but also I plan on:

Doing a charity walk.
Helicopter tour of the grand canyon.
Gamble in Las Vegas.
Take part in world record (Possible reddit christmas gift exchange or something else).
Get a makeover.
Be vegetatian for a week.
Attend burlesque classes.
Go on a gondola.
Lose weight (3 stone).
Run 5k (possibly 10 as well).
Take part in a zombie run.
Grow chillis.
Free fall (off the 855ft stratosphere in Vegas).
Have a yes man month.
Have a proffesional photo shoot.
Visit San Diego Zoo.
Go whale watching.
Try roller derby.
Complete a race for life.
Make my own hot sauce.
Attend a cooking class.
Take part in a show.
Go to Mexico.
Visit Disney California.

That’s all that’s planned so far. Let me know if you have any more ideas for me 🙂

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