Completing my Bucket List

Take part in a show

#145 take part in a show.

Quids in theatre company Aberdeen
Were advertising for zombies and actors for a performance on Halloween week.

I went along to the first meeting hoping to be a zombie but unfortunately due to being on holiday I couldn’t make the rehearsals.

Instead I was offered an acting part as a doctor experimenting on the zombies.
Since my new life means saying yes more this is exactly what I did.

Performing in public is one of my biggest fears.

I went along to the first rehearsals nervous and struggling to say my lines, but by the end of it really got into it!

We performed over two nights to over 400 people and I had one of the best weeks ever! What a rush performing in front of people.

Something that was a fear may have became a new interest.

The photos even appeared in the local paper.

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