Completing my Bucket List

One year weight loss


It’s been a year since I started my weight loss journey.
I looked at pictures of myself at Christmas and New year 2013 and didn’t recognise myself. Couldn’t beleive I had let myself get that big.

Years of takeaways, alcohol, oven food and “junk” had taken their toll on my body.  I never bothered cooking.

At 188lbs I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, and with a wedding to look forward to I had to fix it straight away!

I ordered my wedding dress three sizes smaller as motivation, and at the price of them I was fitting into that dress!!

I didn’t go on any “diets” or fads, just changed my lifestyle.
Gave up sugar in my tea.
Cooked healthier alternatives to takeaways.
And was a bit more active.

And in September I fit into that dress!

One year later I’m still on my weight loss journey and 16lbs away from target.  But 38lbs gone last year and hopefully never to be seen again.

I also now love cooking!

I’d love to hear your weight loss stories.  Please feel free to share them.

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