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Seven facts about me


It’s the new craze on Facebook so thought I’d share my seven facts you may not know about me:

1: I used to play the flute in the Scottish youth orchestra

2: I blamed bullies for leaving school early but now thank them because if that never happened I wouldn’t have the life I have today.

3: I broke my leg when I was seven trying to do the monkey bars with one hand

4: I’ve always wanted my own business and I’m gonna make it happen one day.

5: my husband is the exact opposite of what i was looking for in a man but turns out he’s exactly what I did want.

6: The first tv show I cried at is when Buffy had to kill Angel.

7: my first celeb crush was Sean Connery.  Dad brought me up on James Bond. i thought there was maybe only 20 years between us (watching Dr no) didn’t realise he was OLD

2 thoughts on “Seven facts about me

  1. Lovely Sami Anne

    This was lovely. We are like bucket list twins though. As I read 1-5, I was thinking in my head how similar my story is. I used to play violin in my orchestra, I was mad at myself for leaving school early because of others and anxiety, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been married and living my life or college, I broke my leg at 13 the worst way possible running from a dog (wheelchair and titanium rods and all), I was in business classes and wanted the same, and lastly my husband is definitely opposite but I couldn’t love that man more. Thank you for sharing.

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