Completing my Bucket List

April update

Hello bucket listers.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been working on some of my longer term bucket list goals lately.  Not all bucket list items are easy and quick to complete and some of mine are going to take many years.   I’ve been working on my small business start up “Flamin’ L Hot Sauces”  which is taking up a lot of time on top of my full time job.  Absolutely loving it though!

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as part of this I’ve decided to run a local chilli eating contest this summer which should be great fun to get the community involved in.  I’ve had quite a lot of interest after the local paper put in a piece but lets see whos brave enough on the day!


Its 14 days until I go to Mexico and I cannot wait for the break!  I’ll be able to cross off 2 more bucket list items before I go. The first being “see Wicked”.  I’m not a massive musical fan but Wicked is a show I have always wanted to see and its finally coming to my home town!  And the second item is my flying lesson…I have high hopes for this one possibly being my favourite list item to cross off.

What items are on your long term bucket list?


Start a business

Learn another language

Learn an instrument

Lose weight

One thought on “April update

  1. Lovely Sami Anne

    Your chili expedition is going awesomely from what I see on Facebook!

    I’m so jealous you’ll see Wicked. The tour came to Florida but they only stopped in Miami this time. That’s a bit far for a show. I wanted to see it though! Phantom of the Opera was amazing.

    My long-term goals are learning a language (Spanish and French) and losing weight. I haven’t started them yet! I’m waiting to finish some of the smaller items first.
    Glad everything is going well, Laura. 🙂

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